1. Quality rather than quantity:

Event providers need to be concerned with the quality of experience for the attendees, and not just with the quantity of the facilities and numbers of people attending.  

The tastiness of food and drink, as well as the quality of conversation and genuine sympathy from the staff –  this is the principal idea behind a great service. Staff need to anticipate customer needs and make use of nice methods to achieve attendee positive experience.

2. Structure and logical service sequences:

The service itself needs to provide an experience that follows a logical structure and something we’re used to. It can be easy to get caught up in creative thinking, trying to make things different and unique. Experiences should excite guests, but not confuse them. 

When choosing a wedding drinks menu for instance, we always recommend choosing the classic cocktails and traditional drinks – rather than extravagant options that no one’s ever tasted before! Nonetheless, if you’re looking for unique cocktails, we’ll do our best to suit your needs.

3. Visually Appealing

The service environment, like bar attractiveness, the drinks & glassware as well as staff uniform needs to be consistent and visually appealing.  At Tipple events we make sure our staff are elegant, as well as serve beautifully crafted, delicious drinks.

The cleanness of the environment is something that contributes to the overall aesthetic quality. Clean bar, clean surroundings with constant glassware recollection is what we’re all about.

4. Comfort as a service

This means that event services need to be designed in a way that minimise physical effort from the visitor/attendee but at the same time maximises efficiency in achieving the result.  

Having a hassle-free attitude is what the best services are based on.  

The service needs to be quick and correct. As well as accessible– we want people to find us, order easily: with minimal waiting times for drinks and paying for them, too.  

The actions that we make here, have an impact on the experience that attendees have. If you take one thing from us, it should be the principle of offering comfort as a service.


Follow these simple steps and your on your way to providing outstanding customer services. We hope you've enjoyed and found this article helpful.

We're always happy to help, answer questions and give advice.

All the best from us,


Bar Manager at The Tipple Team