1. It's all about guest experience

Of course, there is a need for decorations, music, food and drink. But bear in mind that these elements don’t guarantee that things will go well. You could have invested large amounts of money in the decorations, food and drink. But it’s no use if the fancy-looking plate of food doesn’t taste good.

As aforementioned, it’s all about the guest experience. A smooth service with friendly servers, pleasant music and fun games for the attendees to play is what makes a wedding ambience delightful, fun and memorable.

Create a wealth of experiences, wealth in socialisation and in community spirit.

2. Inviting friends: Do’s and Don’ts

Before you get overly excited and start whatsapping your bffs (best friends for ever) chat to your future husband/wife about who would be the right fit at your party.  

You want to choose groups of people who will get along with each other, even if they don’t know each other yet!  

Friendly reminder:  you don’t need to invite someone to your wedding just because they invited you to theirs. 

One of the biggest reasons weddings cost so much is because of the amount of people invited. Get the guest list down and stop trying to people please! We get that it isn’t easy, so take your time.  

It’s all about spending the quality time with the favourite people. The vast majority of the time, it is the guests themselves who help create the atmosphere and ambience of the event. Through their presence and involvement, as well as their enjoyment of it.

3.  Where do we seat people? A guide to Human Tetris for weddings:

Though it would be nice, friends of friends, and different families don’t just fit in cute little groups of 10s.  It really does make sense to group people together: people from the same family, friends from university, work friends, etc.

But of course, there will be those ‘stragglers’. Try to resist the temptation to put those individuals in the same table (unless you have to). It’s best to find things in commons with people, and group accordingly. You never know, your neighbour’s sense of humour might click well with your cousin's.  

4. Wedding Inspiration: where do you find ideas?

Living in a world on Pinterest and Instagram really can make wedding ideation easier. Wait hold on, does it though?  

We have so many sources of information that perhaps finding ideas from there can make your mind overload and explode.  Take the chill pill, relax and take this wedding planning stage as something fun for you and your partner.  

A wedding is an opportunity to demonstrate some personality. The greatest wedding designs usually creatively spring out after delving into memories, travel stories, passions and shared interests.  Even though it’s fun to ideate, sometimes the best and most practical solution is to keep it simple.  

As aforementioned, we believe in creating a wealth of experiences, wealth in socialisation and in community spirit.

Follow these simple steps and you're on your way to having a fun, delightful and memorable wedding. We hope you've enjoyed and found this article helpful.

We're always happy to help, answer questions and give advice.

All the best from us,


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